We chose a minimal and well-designed website that will be developed in the course of time.

The evolution will follow the same direction of the company. Just like a plant, the roots will settle in a fertile land, so it will grow strong and luxuriant.

Pictures describe what we are and our world. They tell our story. We observe the products of our land with our own eyes.

The image chosen for the home page includes a writing; it is the inscription carved on the jamb of the Alchemical Door.

The Alchemical Door, also known as Magic Portal, Hermetic Door or Gate of Heaven, is a monument built between 1655 and 1680 by Massimiliano Palombara, marquis of Pietraforte. He built it in his residence, Villa Palombara, located in the eastern countryside of Rome.


The inscription we chose can be translated as follows: “He who can burn with water and wash with fire makes a heaven of earth and a precious earth of heaven”.

According to the legend, a pilgrim named "Stibeum" was hosted in the Villa for a night. The pilgrim, identified later as the alchemist Francesco Giuseppe Borri, spent a night in the gardens of the Villa searching a mysterious herb capable of concocting gold. The next morning he was seen to disappear forever through the door, but left behind a few flakes of gold, the fruits of a successful alchemical transmutation and a mysterious paper full of puzzling symbols and magic signs, which probably enclosed the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The marquis had these symbols engraved on the five gates of Villa Palombara and on the walls of the mansion, hoping that one day they would be translated.

This writing represents our challenge, our wish for transformation and change.

We are aware we hold something precious, worthy to be discovered.

We just have to introduce it in the best way ever.

Luca Uliana is the author of this experience and he explains his life journey in his biography. His education was featured by strong personal experiences which molded his character and eased his attitude.

We will discover a gentleman, available and at the same time highly demanding most of all with himself.

He will guide us in the experience of the good taste, with such elegance that identifies him. Available with people, Luca wants to share with others his idea, his dream, to make it something precious for everybody.