There was a time in my life, when I had to trust myself. It was April 05 1992.

I had lost my father the previous day and I was feeling very resigned. I raised my head promising myself to never give up and carry on just as He would have wanted.

In that moment, work turned into something peculiar, something different.

I have always been a dreamer and, at the same time, a person who constantly planned his Life.

I was raised in a humble family with peasant origins and lived close to Nature. I quickly learned the meaning of sacrifice and hard work. I grew up fast. I turned 12 and began working the land every day after school; in this way, I could contribute to my family needs.   

Therefore, I have learned to support the others and work together with my dearest people.

My family taught me to share the joy of a healthy lifestyle and to live on the products of the land.

Nature has been a patient and demanding teacher, able to offer unforgettable sunsets, changing landscapes with the seasons going by, long silences.

The feeling of standing barefoot on the fresh grass.

Now, more than ever, I want to share this love for the simple things of our culture: products holding the quality of living the Nature.

Products that ripen following the primordial rhythm of time, without boosts.

The rhythm of my life, the beat of my heart.

I live and work focused on the present, but at the same time, I look ahead towards seasons. Those seasons that will host our story as well as the goals to achieve with dedication.

I truly wish to join people’s life establishing trustworthy and long-lasting relationships.

Meetings are moments to treasure forever and turn into memories.

I wish to shake hands in person, make eye contacts, get to know different cultures and toast together, sincerely and curiously.

I want to be a reference person, a guide about taste, a friend who tells secrets.

I want to tell the story of my land, the magic of a whole world to discover.

Together with the others.

Ad maiora!

Luca Vliana

Founder & CEO